I have the required experience, education, knowledge, personality and set of skills that you are seeking. Therefore, I believe that my unique combination of abilities qualifies me to be the ideal person for this position. I am highly experienced, well-trained and college educated. I am very confident in my abilities and I can perform a wide variety of tasks in a broad range of areas. I have an excellent record of proven results. During my 17+ year career in IT, I have personally managed, designed, implemented, migrated, and maintained many multi-server, multi-site, enterprise networks, including high-availability data center production environments. My forte is in the advanced architecture, design, project planning, testing, implementation, engineering, maintenance and systems administration of Microsoft Server technologies such as Windows Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server, IIS, SQL. I am very strong with Hyper-V, Knowledgeable of VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi. Throughout my career, as a C-level Senior IT Manager, Systems Engineer and Consultant, I have worked very closely with well over one hundred clients, including Fortune 400 & 500, from all types of industries. My unique experiences have provided me with a great deal of insight into the many varieties of business environments and corporate cultures. I am very strong in troubleshooting all types of problems, hardware and software related. I have assembled and rebuilt countless servers from basic components. I have diagnosed and repaired countless problems both individually and working with a team. I have been directly responsible for the management of over 30 client networks simultaneously, including the management of other Network Engineers and Systems Administrators outsourced at client sites. Also, I have managed multiple teams of IT  

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